The Toy Run is South Africa’s largest motorcycle ride, and it’s all for charity. Every year at the end of November or beginning December, tens of thousands of bikes rally together country-wide to give joy to the needy children of South Africa. Thousands of toys are strapped to bikes and paraded through our cities.


Please help us help the children – You can easily donate! If you use Snapscan, simply scan the code below and donate or EFT your donation to Toy Run® Nedbank Acc 1676016228  Hout Bay Branch No 167609. Proof of payment can be emailed to

So PLEASE consider a small donation to help us reach our goal of R200 000

As part of our “2020 Vision and Beyond” initiatives, we are raising funds to support Zanokhanyo Children’s Safety Home(

as well as @FlowFoundationSA projects to support Sunbeam Early Childhood Development Centre creches in Westlake Village

Whether you donate toys & gifts or funds, you immediately change the lives of children in need in homes, orphanages, places of safety and hospitals around the Western Cape – YOU can make the difference! The Toy Run Cape Town needs more toys to be donated – LOTS more.

AND although we primarily ask for the donation of toys and gifts to the Toy Run, we also need funds to directly contribute to sustainable projects such as the children’s homes. We also need funds to run the events, to pay for the logistics involved with the event and the charity. Unfortunately, while many very generous companies donate their services at cost to the event, there are still costs (traffic control, safety and security, fencing, tents, entertainment, permits, etc)


Members of the public are welcome to join us on Toy Run Day at Killarney International Raceway to donate toys, gifts and funds, and to see the motorcycles (or on yours if you have one) and to be part of one of the largest charity efforts in the country. Entry to donate is FREE at Killarney International Raceway Potsdam Road Table View.

YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER ONLINE for FREE to be able to say you participated in the Toy Run 


NO unlicensed riders or vehicles are permitted. (NO children under 16 permitted to ride a bike) Pillions need not be licensed to rider a motorcycle but all normal road rules apply. Please wear a motorcycle helmet and ensure your bike is roadworthy and safe.

We are proud of our looooong good safety record and the Toy Run organisers have donated 1000’s of hours of our time for free, to sit down with the City and Traffic officials, we have planned and coordinated the event with the relevant authorities, to as far as possible keep you and your family safe during the event. Please help us keep this excellent record!

That said, anyone attending the event does so entirely at their own risk and by participating indemnifies the organisers, their agents and representatives of any liability, howsoever arising.

The trademark Toy Run™ may not be used by anyone else whatsoever without the written permission of the Toy Run™ trademark holders. Please be aware that no private person has been given permission by the Toy Run™ to collect toys or funds in the name of the Toy Run™ or on its behalf. We can confirm if organisations have been given permission to collect toys in the name of the Toy Run or on its behalf if you email 


  • No toys are RESOLD by the Toy Run – all toys by you, the public, are all GIVEN away

  • None of the Organisers, nor any of the volunteers are paid for their efforts.

 Please note that the words Toy Run® as well as the logo of a bear on a motorcycle constitute the subject matter of exclusive intellectual Property rights and are Trademarks of the IMOC Charity Toy Run® Trust of Cape Town and are therefore not permitted to be used without written permission from the trademark holder